20 Ways To Never Give Up & Be More Resilient

never give up

I wonder if you have ever faced moments where doubt seems to cloud your judgment, making you question your abilities and doubt whether you will complete your task?

Well rest assured, you’re not alone.

Today, I’m going to share with you 20 psychologically proven ways to be more resilient and never give up.

Did you know even some of the most famous people on the planet have met adversity and chose not to quit?

Like J.K. Rowling who got 12 rejection letters before Harry Potter became a global sensation.

Or Walt Disney who was told he lacked imagination.

Or even Steve Jobs who was pushed out of Apple before returning to make it the global success it is now.

What’s the common thread here?


These people silenced their inner critic and persevered, often against formidable challenges.

Thomas Edison summed this up perfectly when he said, “Our most significant weakness is the propensity to quit. The surest route to success is to attempt it one more time.”

This insight is invaluable.

The ability to cultivate resilience and determination can set you on a path to long-term success, separating you from those who falter when faced with challenges.

Now, you might be wondering how you can develop such resilience in your own life.

Well, this is where hypnosis can offer significant benefits.

By using targeted techniques to rewire your thought processes, hypnosis can equip you with the mental strength to face and overcome challenges.

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20 Ways to Be More Resilient and Never Give Up

1. Reframe Your Mindset

First things first, change the way you see setbacks. Instead of viewing them as failures, see them as opportunities for growth and learning. Never give in to negativity; it’s all about perspective!

By shifting your perspective, you engage in cognitive reappraisal – a psychological term that refers to changing the emotional response toward a situation. When you learn to see challenges as opportunities, you’re less likely to succumb to defeatism.

2. Build a Support Network

The people around you matter more than you think. Surround yourself with positive influences and never give up the opportunity to seek advice from those who have been there, and done that.

Studies show that social support can significantly mitigate stress and improve mental well-being, making you more resilient when facing challenges.

3. Set Realistic Goals

Nothing helps you to never give in like setting achievable targets. These give you something to aim for, and achieving them boosts your confidence like nothing else.

Realistic goals enhance intrinsic motivation, driving you to never give up because the motivation comes from within, not external pressures.

4. Prioritise Self-Care

Don’t forget to take care of yourself. A burnt out you can’t achieve much, so never give up on your own well-being.

Fulfilling basic self-care needs—like rest and nutrition—creates a foundation upon which you can pursue higher-level goals, enhancing your resilience.

5. Exercise Regularly

Physical health feeds into mental resilience. Exercise not only keeps you fit but also elevates your mood, helping you to never give up no matter how hard things get.

Physical exercise releases endorphins, which act as natural mood lifters. They help you cope with stress and pain, increasing your resilience quotient.

6. Develop Emotional Intelligence

Learn to manage your emotions in a way that aids your purpose. Your emotions shouldn’t dictate your actions; never give them the power to derail your plans.

Understanding and managing your emotions can enable better emotional regulation, equipping you to handle stressful situations with grace.

7. Cultivate Gratitude

Remembering to be grateful for what you have can give you the perspective you need to never give up on chasing what you want.

Gratitude helps to focus on the positive aspects of life, which has been shown to increase psychological resilience by promoting positivity bias.

8. Learn to Say No

You can’t please everyone. Focus on what matters most to you and never give others the power to distract you from your path.

Setting boundaries increases your sense of personal agency, leading to increased resilience because you are in control of your actions and responses.

9. Embrace Failure as a Teacher

Every failure carries a lesson. Learn from it and move on. Remember, every person you consider ‘successful’ decided to never give up at some point.

Adopting a growth mindset—seeing failures as opportunities to learn—enhances resilience by eliminating the fear of failure.

10. Stay Organised

Chaos breeds stress, and stress can break your resolve. Keeping your workspace and thoughts organised can help you never give in to despair.

Organization reduces cognitive load, freeing up mental resources to deal with stressors, thereby increasing resilience.

11. Seek Professional Help

Sometimes the DIY approach doesn’t cut it, and there’s no shame in that. Never give up on getting the right help to get you through challenges.

Professionals can help restructure your cognitive patterns, arming you with strategies to be more resilient and never give up on your goals.

12. Limit Exposure to Negativity

We all know that one person who seems to drain the energy out of us. Never give them the chance to influence your mindset.

Emotions are contagious; limiting exposure to negativity can prevent you from taking on that emotional state and reduce stress.

13. Keep Learning

The world is always changing. To stay ahead, never give up on learning and self-improvement.

Constant learning makes your brain more adaptable, literally rewiring it to better handle stress and adversity.

14. Celebrate Small Wins

Every step forward is progress. Acknowledge it and let it fuel you to never give up on your bigger goals.

Celebrating small wins releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter that reinforces pleasure and motivation, making it easier to never give up.

15. Practice Mindfulness

Being in the moment allows you to tackle challenges more effectively. Make it a habit, and you’ll find it much easier to never give up.

Mindfulness practices have been shown to reduce stress hormones, increasing mental resilience over time.

16. Have a Go-To Relaxation Technique

Stress can get the best of us. Having a quick way to relax can help you never give in to the pressure.

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing activate the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and increasing resilience.

17. Create a Resilience Journal

Track your challenges, how you overcame them, and what you learned. It’s a constant reminder to never give up because you’ve faced down obstacles before and emerged victorious.

Writing down experiences and reflecting on them helps in processing emotions and learning from challenges.

18. Develop a Routine

A structured day can help you make the most of your time and reduce stress. Routine helps you stick to your goals and never give up.

Routine brings a sense of predictability and control to your life, two factors closely associated with resilience.

19. Know When to Pivot

There’s a difference between giving up and changing direction. If one approach isn’t working, never give up altogether—instead, try something new.

Recognising when to change strategies is a form of adaptive coping, a hallmark of resilience.

20. Visualise Success

When the road is tough, close your eyes and imagine reaching your goal. This mental image can be the boost you need to never give up.

Visualising a successful outcome can increase your belief in your abilities, strengthening your resolve to never give up.

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Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it 20 actionable strategies to help you never give up on your dreams, whatever they may be.

Resilience is not just a personality trait; it’s a skill you can develop.

So, never give up on developing your resilience.

What strategies will you try first?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Keep the spirit high, and remember to never give up!

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