B29 Bomber Crash Site Peak District Wild Camp – Video

It was late November 2022 when I hiked up to the B29 Bomber Crash Site in the Peak District. The plan was to wild camp close by near Higher Shelf Stones.

The weather looked tough, with up to 50mph winds and heavy rain. Thankfully I had my trusty Hilleberg Soulo so I wasn’t concerned.

I took the precaution of pitching in a small gulley just off the summit, out of the worst winds. I’m sure the Soulo would have been fine on the top, but the noise from the wind would have probably kept me awake all night.

While up on the summit I passed the B29 US bomber crash site which was quite an emotional experience.

B29 Bomber Crash Site Peak District Wild Camp – Video
The Bleaklow Bomber

On the 3rd of November 1948, a USA Air Force Boeing RB-29A bomber crashed near Higher Shelf Stones in Bleaklow. The bomber was on a routine daytime flight with two other planes in low clouds and at about 11am hit the ground at 610m and was engulfed in flames. I visited the B29 bomber crash site which is shown in the video. It was pretty emotional to see all the poppies placed on the crash site and the flags draping the wreckage that is still there and acts as a memorial.

The path to happiness!

The weather looks ominous but that won’t hold me back.

I love it when mother nature lets you know who’s boss.

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