Everest Anywhere Challenge Finished!! – Video

It was New Year’s Eve 2022, when I set off to finish the Everest Anywhere Challenge.

I had only 5% left and today was the last day of the year to finish it!

I decided I would go and bag Green Crag near Hardknott in the Lake District, as I was spending the New Year in the Lake District.

The weather was poor, with driving rain, freezing cold winds at the top, and clagged-out views.

It was more about the challenge than anything else.

Everest Anywhere Challenge Finished!! Green Crag Lake District – Video
Everest Anywhere Challenge

It is incredible to think that in 2022 I hiked up a total of 8848m in elevation. The challenge requires you to climb 8848m in a year simply by adding up each hike you do.

As Live For the Outdoors say:

  • Do it for the CHALLENGE
  • Do it for your HEALTH
  • Do it for your HAPPINESS

Well, I did it for all three!

I decided on New year’s Day 2022 that I would do it and I wasn’t going to be beaten.

Some of the big hikes in 2022 that helped me hike up 8848m were:

  • Kinder scout x 3 = 1500m
  • Pen Y Fan = 1100m
  • Red Pike = 900m
  • Model Hebog = 900m
  • Mount Snowdon = 950m
  • Higher Shelf Stones = 500m
  • Green Crag = 500m

Added to these, were lots of smaller hikes that all contributed.

It just takes a little persistence and a log book (or excel spreadsheet if you’re a geek like me!)

It just goes to show that you really can hike up Mount Everest Anywhere 😀

If you’ve completed the Everest Anywhere Challenge, I’d love to hear about your experience.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Everest Anywhere Challenge: click here

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