Fear of Flying Hypnosis Reviews

fear of flying hypnosis reviews

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Fear of Flying Hypnosis Reviews

It is always lovely to receive fear of flying hypnosis reviews like this:

I had hypnotherapy for fear of flying. I enjoyed the whole experience, but I think the part I enjoyed most was the depth of relaxation Lee was able to take me to, to be able to change the connection with the fear emotion. I’ve been on a flight and was able to do so without the need for any pills from the doctor, which is life-changing for me as I was able to drive when we landed. The experience worked amazingly for me just the way it was. Thank you.

LU. BR4 – Fear of Flying

How can hypnosis help with the fear of flying?

Fear of flying hypnosis helps you manage your anxiety about air travel.

It is used to treat specific phobias, such as a fear of heights or driving.

However, fear of flying hypnosis can also be used to treat general anxiety and stress disorders.

When you are hypnotised you still have full control over your thoughts and actions.

Hypnosis allows you to relax, focus and concentrate on one thing at a time; it also helps you overcome your fear of flying.

A lot of people like the idea of hypnosis because it’s not invasive and does not involve drugs or surgery; it simply allows you to use the power of your unconscious mind to feel comfortable and relaxed about flying.

When using hypnosis for fear of flying, the goal is for you to be comfortable getting on an airplane again without having any panic attacks or feeling uncomfortable in any way whatsoever when you take that flight.

If you have a fear of flying, hypnosis can help.

Fear of flying is a very common problem.

It’s estimated that as many as 15 per cent of people actually have some sort of fear or anxiety associated with air travel.

Most often, this fear is related to the plane taking off, landing or turbulence during the flight.

In fact, there are many people who continue to avoid flying due to their fears about what could happen on board an aircraft.

Fortunately, there’s good news for those who want help dealing with their fears about travelling by air!

Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective at helping you overcome your anxiety and get you back in control of your life again—no matter how big or small your problem may seem.

Using hypnosis techniques like guided imagery and visualisation you can replace negative thoughts and feelings with positive ones quickly and easily.

The end result? You’ll feel more relaxed, confident and at ease when it comes time for takeoff!

For more information on phobias, you can read my blog article on how hypnosis can help you cure your phobia or the article on the NHS phobias website.

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