How gastric band hypnosis can help you lose weight

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gastric band hypnosis
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Are you looking for a natural way to lose weight?
Have you heard about  virtual gastric band hypnosis and want to find out more?
The virtual gastric band hypnosis technique works by suggesting to your unconscious mind that you have a gastric band fitted around your stomach. This helps you lose weight.

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You do not need surgery to be performed during the virtual gastric band hypnosis technique. There are no risks to your health like with real gastric band surgery. You make your unconscious mind believe a gastric band has been fitted.

This creates the illusion to the unconscious mind that less food can physically be eaten. Because your unconscious mind thinks your stomach is smaller, this encourages you to lose weight.

What is virtual gastric band hypnosis?

Gastric band hypnosis can help you lose weight without any of the risks that come with a surgical gastric band. Before carrying out gastric band hypnosis, you identify the emotional cause of your over eating. You explore how your past eating habits are affecting your eating habits today. This helps you address your unhealthy beliefs and thoughts about food.

After the emotional cause of your over eating has been established the gastric band hypnosis session can take place. The goal is for your unconscious mind to think that a virtual gastric band has been fitted to your stomach so you feel fuller quicker after eating a meal.

gastric band hypnosis

Have you found you lose weight while you are on a diet but when you stop the diet you put weight back on? A common reason that diets don’t normally work in the long term is because they don’t address the emotional cause of your unhealthy eating habits. As soon as you stop your diet you resume your old unhealthy eating habits and put the weight back on. If you don’t change your habits then you will be trapped in a vicious cycle. Secondly, many diets are very restrictive and stop you eating your favourite foods. This creates a negative emotional connection with healthy food. Healthy food evokes a negative emotion whereas unhealthy food evokes a positive emotion. Hypnotherapy helps swap the emotional responses to unhealthy and health food.

How does gastric band hypnosis work?

The first stage is to help you become deeply relaxed and enter a hypnotic trance. Once you are in a hypnotic trance your unconscious mind will be more open to suggestion. Before the gastric band hypnosis technique is carried out you need to prepare your unconscious mind to happily lose weight. You need to strengthen the self belief that you have the power to lose weight.

The second stage is to suggest to your unconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted. Your unconscious mind is extremely powerful and if it accepts the suggestion that a gastric band has been fitted then your eating behaviours and habits will change.

The third and final stage is to increase your confidence and motivation to succeed. It is important to change your unconscious mind’s response to hunger and appetite and develop new healthy habits in place of the past unhealthy ones.

So if you are ready to take control of your unhealthy eating habits, please get in touch to book your free consultation, to find out if gastric band hypnotherapy can help you lose weight.

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