How virtual gastric band hypnosis works and helps you lose weight

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gastric band hypnosis

Do you want to lose weight?
Have you considered trying virtual gastric band hypnosis and want to find out more?
Virtual gastric band hypnosis works because it convinces your unconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted around your stomach.
When you believe you have a gastric band fitted you will eat less food and lose weight.

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There is no need to have medical surgery with virtual gastric band hypnosis because your unconscious mind is convinced that a gastric band has been fitted.
Therefore you eat less food because your unconscious mind believes a gastric band has been fitted.
And because your unconscious mind thinks your stomach is smaller, you eat less food and lose weight.

What is virtual gastric band hypnosis?

Gastric band hypnosis can help you lose weight without any of the risks that come with a surgical gastric band.
The goal is to convince your unconscious mind that a virtual gastric band has been fitted to your stomach.
When this happens you feel fuller more quickly when you eat a meal.

gastric band hypnosis

Some people find that they lose weight when they go on a diet.
But when they stop the diet they put weight back on.
A massive benefit of virtual gastric band hypnosis is you continue to eat less food in the future.
This is because you continue to think you have a smaller stomach.

How does gastric band hypnosis work?

Before the gastric band hypnosis technique is carried out you need to prepare your unconscious mind to happily lose weight. You need to strengthen the self-belief that you can lose weight.
The first stage is to help you become deeply relaxed and enter a hypnotic trance. Once you are in a hypnotic trance, your unconscious mind becomes more open to suggestions.
The second stage is to suggest to your unconscious mind that you have had a gastric band fitted. Your unconscious mind is extremely powerful and when it accepts the suggestion that a gastric band has been fitted your eating behaviours and habits will change.
The third and final stage is to increase your confidence and motivation to succeed. It is important to change your unconscious mind’s response to hunger and appetite and develop new healthy habits in place of the past unhealthy ones.

So if you would like to take control of your unhealthy eating habits, please get in touch to book your, please get in touch to book your free consultation, to find out if gastric band hypnotherapy can help you lose weight.

Kindly Note

Individual results can vary. There are no guarantees that therapy will be effective in every case. For therapy to be successful you need to be open to change and fully committed.

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