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It was mid-September 2021 when I set off to collect 4 more Wainwright’s from Seathwaite Farm. I crossed Stockley Bridge before heading up Wainwright’s route B up to Seathwaite Fell (25). After bagging Seathwaite Fell, I passed Sprinkling Tarn before reaching the Wainwright Great End Lake District.

The first wild camp was just below Great End (26). The views started out ok, but within an hour of camping, it started to rain and continued through the night. On day two I bagged Allen Crags (27) and Glaramara (28). The second wild camp was at Thornythwaite Fell and the weather was better than the first night.

The weather prevented me from capturing the usual panoramic views but it was still a great trip. I did plan to bag Bessyboot but unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get that one this time. The winds on the second night were quite strong but the Hilleberg Soulo didn’t budge a bit. What a great tent for total peace of mind.

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