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Here are a few inspiring hypnotherapy for IBS success stories:

I would like to thank Lee for his time and experience with helping me through a difficult time coping with IBS/anxiety. He gave me a lot of tips and ways to overcome situations when they get too stressful which I will continue to use in the future.HS
I had anxiety about needing a toilet when I was out in public. I now never think about needing a toilet before I even leave the house, let alone out in public. It’s totally changed my life from the fear and anxiety I was suffering from.MA

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8 Benefits of Hypnotherapy for IBS

✔ reduced pain & discomfort

✔ anxiety reduction

✔ scientifically proven

✔ long lasting effects

✔ normal bowel movements

✔ better sleep

✔ no side effects

✔ ease bloating & gas

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Scientific Studies

Here are just a few hypnotherapy for IBS scientific research studies:

"Unequivocally hypnosis is highly efficacious in reducing IBS symptoms and offers lasting relief to those who do not respond to usual medical treatments."Palsson (2015) - American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
"Patients showed a dramatic improvement in all features. No relapses were recorded during the 3-month follow-up period.Whorwell (1984) - The Lancet
"This research consistently shows hypnosis to have a substantial therapeutic impact on IBS, even for patients unresponsive to standard medical interventions"Whitehead (2006) - International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis
"Research found all IBS symptoms improved substantially. Hypnosis improves IBS symptoms through reductions in psychological distress."Palsson (2002) : Journal of Gastroenterology

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Here are a few more inspiring hypnotherapy for IBS success stories:

Great experience. Lee was excellent in involving me, using my perception of things, and the vision of my goals. The sessions were very targeted and effective. I'd definitely recommend.DC
Lee was amazing to work with. He has been so patient and has really helped me throughout my hypnotherapy journey. I am so grateful and would definitely recommend his services.AI

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Meet Lee

Lee Walker

MNCH HPD (Reg.) BSc (Hons)

Lee Walker NCH Hypnotherapist

I am a specialist IBS Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and an approved Anxiety UK therapist. I am trained in the University of Manchester hypnotherapy for IBS protocol to help you overcome IBS which includes:

Hypnotherapy for IBS treatment is available Online from the comfort of your home or in my West Wickham clinic.

Approved Clinical hypnotherapist Anxiety UK

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Online or Clinic Sessions

Depending on your preference, you can either have your hypnotherapy for IBS sessions online or visit my West Wickham clinic.

My aim is to be a source of hope and, most importantly, motivation to help you improve your physical and mental well-being.

I use a wide variety of advanced hypnosis to restore a healthy gut-brain connection and help you overcome IBS, so you can get your life back.

Individual or group sessions available. Prices start from just £39 per hour for online group sessions.

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