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Here are some of my inspiring hypnotherapy for weight loss success stories:

It feels very automatic to avoid foods I don't need, cook better foods and eat less with each meal. I don't feel the need to eat things that are bad for me. Me and others around me can see that I have lost weight, I continue to lose weight and I haven't put it back on.
I found since my sessions I am more relaxed, sleeping better and eating more healthily. I had my sessions over Zoom which I felt were beneficial as I was in my own surroundings. I highly recommend Lee, for me it has been life changing.

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8 Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

✔ healthy eating habits

✔ eliminate cravings

✔ increase motivation

✔ more determination

✔ scientifically proven

✔ no more diets

✔ more confidence

✔ lose weight forever

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Scientific Studies

Some hypnotherapy for weight loss research studies that prove how effective hypnosis is:

Adding hypnosis to weight reduction treatments showed that the average weight loss with hypnosis was 14.88 lbs. and 6.03 lbs. without hypnosis.
- Kirsch (1996)
After 2-years, hypnosis showed more weight loss compared to non-hypnosis clients and they achieved and maintained their weight loss goals.
-Bolocofsky (1985)

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Here are a few more inspiring hypnotherapy for weight loss success stories:

I was struggling to lose weight and had an unhealthy attitude to food. I am now in control of my eating. For me this has been life changing. I am enjoying food again and am exercising more.
Lee was amazing to work with. He has been so patient and has really helped me throughout my hypnotherapy journey. I am so grateful and would definitely recommend his services.

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Meet Lee

Lee Walker

MNCH HPD (Reg.) BSc (Hons)

Lee Walker NCH Hypnotherapist

I am a specialist Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy and an approved Anxiety UK therapist. I use advanced hypnosis techniques to help you lose weight which includes:

Hypnotherapy for weight loss treatment is available Online from the comfort of your home or in my West Wickham clinic.

Approved Clinical hypnotherapist Anxiety UK

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Online or Clinic Sessions

Depending on your preference, you can either have your hypnotherapy for weight loss sessions online or visit my West Wickham clinic.

My aim is to be a source of hope and, most importantly, motivation to help you improve your physical and mental well-being.

I use a wide variety of advanced hypnosis to restore a healthy eating behaviours and help you lose weight, and keep it off forever.

Prices start from just £83 per hour for my 5-step weight loss programme.

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