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Hypnotherapy Cost

The cost of a single hypnotherapy session is £99 per hour.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Every hypnotherapy session will be tailored to your needs.
All hypnotherapy sessions are unique.
Depending on the technique used, you will either go into a deep or light hypnotic trance.
Sometimes you will communicate whilst in trance.
A typical hypnotherapy session has four parts:

#1. Hypnotic induction

Firstly, you enter a heightened state of awareness.
You normally experience a stillness, heaviness, and calmness in your body.

#2. Deepening

After you have entered a state of hypnosis, you begin to deepen the experience and feel deeply relaxed.
As a result, your focus becomes more internal and the analytical chatter of your conscious mind is reduced as you deepen your hypnosis.

#3. Therapeutic suggestion

While your unconscious mind listens and embraces the positive suggestions it is offered. Studies have shown that hypnosis forms new connections in the brain which allow you to change past behaviours and thought patterns. Suggestion therapy is highly effective and based on positive affirmations that provide more beneficial responses to problem situations and conditions.

#4. Reorientation

Lastly, you gently shift your focus to the external world and return to the present moment. You retain all the new thought patterns so you can respond in a positive way to problem situations.

Whereas a typical hypnotherapy session will have these four parts, the transition from one part to the next is seamless and you will have one continuous experience.

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