Phobia Cure Hypnosis Package


The Phobia Cure Hypnotherapy Package includes:

  • 4 x 1-hour fear and phobia cure hypnotherapy sessions
  • £89 per hour – save £40
  • free audio hypnosis recordings

Set yourself free from your phobia with hypnosis!

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Do you have a driving phobia?
Are you terrified of flying?
Do you have a social phobia?
Did you know that hypnosis can cure phobias?

Hypnotherapy can be an effective treatment for phobias because phobias work on a subconscious level.
Hypnosis can be helpful because it allows you to connect with your subconscious thoughts and feelings and unlearn the conditioned emotional response.

The world around us is mostly a product of our imagination.
What we actually smell, see, hear and touch is only a small part of our reality.
The slightest sensory stimulus causes our subconscious to complete our perception of what we believe is real.

Hypnosis allows you to reorganise your subconscious thoughts so that the subconscious contribution to your reality is positive.

Hypnotherapy also allows you to build up your exposure to the phobia in a safe way so you can learn to be calm and relaxed when you are next exposed to your trigger.

It really doesn’t matter how much you consciously tell yourself that your phobia is not a threat to you because your conditioned emotional response will stay the same.
Hypnotherapy can help you connect with your subconscious mind to learn a new emotional response to the trigger.

That is why hypnotherapy can be such an effective treatment for phobias.

The first part of the therapy process is to move into a state of hypnosis.
You will be in control all the time.
If you are not sure what the cause of your phobia is, you will explore the cause of your phobia.

The next part of the therapy is to help change your response and this can be done using a range of different techniques.
One way to achieve this is to gently allow you to experience your phobia whilst you are in a relaxed state.
This allows you to face your fear using your imagination whilst you remain calm and in complete control.

Hypnosis is very empowering and helps you change your perspective of your phobia.
Throughout the process, you work gradually, and at your own pace, to build your confidence and resilience to your phobia.

So if you would like hypnosis treatment for your phobia, get in touch to book your free consultation.
Find out how hypnosis can help you with your phobia so you can achieve a fulfilling and happy life.

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Phobia Cure Package includes

4 x 1-hour phobia cure hypnotherapy sessions
4 hours for £356
great value – save £40 based on buying 4 single sessions