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How to Achieve a Winning Mindset With Sports Performance Hypnosis

A winning mindset separates the winners from the losers. It cannot be overstated how important a positive mindset is to sports performance. If you want to play like the best, then you need to think like the best. Your mind is what makes everything else work. Sports performance hypnosis helps you build your mental game which is just as important as building your physical game.

Among the top athletes, there isn’t much that separates them physically. It is their mental state that defines whether they are a winner or a loser. Your attitude determines whether you succeed or fail. Behind every great achievement, there is a story of training, practice, discipline and sacrifice.

Your mind is everything.

Muscle is just tissue. Your muscle is controlled by your mind. Everything you are is because of your mind. As well as physical strength you need mental strength. You need to develop the right blend of mental focus, composure, discipline, confidence, concentration, focus and commitment to be a champion in your sport. You need to channel every bit of energy you have into cultivating a positive attitude and not into self-doubt.

The traits of a champion

Take a moment to think about your favourite champion.
Who do you admire and respect the most?
What traits do they have that you admire?

Most certainly one of their traits will be their mental ability to handle pressure and play well at the right time. They can forget the setbacks, they can become one with the moment, and unknowingly do what is best at the right time.

They practice more than the average person. But this is a special type of practice. It is deliberate practice. They practice achieving specific goals. Deliberate practice is rarely pleasurable, usually difficult and quite often boring. They have the mental strength to cope with deliberate practice. They understand that although the deliberate practice is hard, it is worth it. They understand most people don’t have the mental strength or willingness to do it.

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If you can spot it, you’ve got it

If you can spot greatness in someone else then you already have the same greatness in you. Only someone who has similar traits can spot them in others. All these traits are tucked away within you, waiting to be tapped into, to propel you to the next level of your game.

Don’t confuse admiration and respect for a sense of inferiority. They are not superior. You are equals. Yet you have the potential to be greater. You have all the skills and resources they do. You just need to realise your potential. Many dismiss the idea they can be better than our sporting heroes. But they did not. That is why they became champions.

You must believe you have more in common than separates you and are just as capable of mental greatness as they are. Otherwise, what is the point of turning up if you don’t believe you can win? You might as well stay in the changing room.

Don’t just copy their qualities and traits, pursue your own fullest expression of your positive aspects and attributes to become more than the champions you admire.

Top athletes are often noticed for a physical attribute because it is easier to spot the physical attribute than the mental attribute. Take Michael Phelps. It is his lightning bolt fast-twitch muscle fibres that get noticed. But it is Michael’s mental skills that have enhanced his physical abilities. The confidence. The arrogance. The belief he is the greatest.

Sweep away your limiting beliefs

If you aspire to be a champion, don’t be overwhelmed by the glare of your competitor’s excellence. Instead, know that they also put in many thousands of hours of training to build up their bodies and shape their minds. You need to believe whatever they can do, you can do better. You need to believe you have superhuman qualities. There is no room for doubt. Your beliefs shape what you believe is possible. If you didn’t believe you could walk, you wouldn’t. Sports performance hypnosis can help you have a winning mindset by sweeping away your limiting beliefs about what you believe is impossible.

Make the impossible possible

Back in 1954, everyone thought it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes. Roger Bannister didn’t and proved everyone wrong. He had the mental determination to keep going and believe in his ability. He believed the impossible was possible. The following year over 100 runners ran a mile in under 4 minutes. What was once considered an impossibility was accepted as possible because someone had achieved it.

Rehearse your unconscious optimal flow

Your mental game matters most. You can become the champion you imagine by living this attitude and striving to be your own personal best. Your goal is to maximise your physical potential by developing a champion’s mindset. You need to be completely free of thoughts of fear, self-doubt, anger or ego to be in your optimal flow. Be free of the rigid boundaries of everyday life.

Sports hypnotherapy allows you to dress rehearse your game so you can tap into your unconscious optimal flow. It allows you to experience your optimal flow so it feels like home. So you can become one with the game. So all thoughts of performance limitations disappear, and your analytical, controlling conscious mind fades, so you slip into your autopilot, your unconscious mind, and experience what it takes to achieve that winning moment.

Enter your optimal flow by letting go

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the reality is you enter your optimal flow by letting go. Here’s the rub. When you are in your flow, it is your unconscious mind that is in control. You need to allow your conscious mind to let go and give control over to the unconscious mind. You need to make sure your unconscious mind is fully prepared for the moment. That is why sports hypnotherapy is so effective in helping you have a winning mindset. It gives your unconscious mind a workout so it is fully prepared.

Remember that your mind is susceptible to performance pressures and situational demands. You cannot trust your athletic performance to chance. Even the champions experience trials and tribulations and have to deal with challenges in their pursuit of excellence.

If fear of losing grips you, you probably will. You need to be gripped with a thirst for winning, so you do.

Sports performance hypnosis can help you achieve sporting excellence by strengthening your psychological preparation, mental strategies, and golden wisdom. Sports hypnotherapy allows you to directly access your unconscious mind so you can hardwire that winning mindset and laying down new neural pathways that overcome your barriers to success.

Just as you can build physical strength through training, you can also build mental strength through sports performance hypnosis. Sports hypnotherapy should be part of your training regime. Sports performance hypnosis allows you to enhance your mental dexterity and create a planned and purposeful approach so that you can elevate your performance above the rest.
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Sports Performance Hypnosis Package includes

4 x 1-hour sports performance hypnotherapy sessions
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