How you can quit smoking with hypnosis

quit smoking with hypnotherapy

Do you want to quit smoking?
Have you ever wondered how you can quit smoking with hypnosis?
This article explains the benefits of stopping and how hypnosis can help you quit smoking.

The reason you can quit smoking with hypnosis is, like all habits, the unconscious mind controls your smoking habit.
Hypnosis works with the unconscious mind to change your behaviours.
When you quit smoking with hypnosis you break the unconscious triggers and habits that cause you to smoke.

With the average cost of a packet of cigarettes costing about £10, smoking just one packet a day will cost you nearly £3600 a year.
It’s a well-known fact that smoking is dangerous and is linked to cancer, stroke and heart disease.
Even with these dangers to health, 17% of the UK population still smoke.
The dangers are not only to your health but to those living around you too.

Quit smoking with hypnosis - Client Testimonial: "I smoked about 15 cigarettes a day for 48 years and completely stopped after the first session. I never tried to stop smoking before. I found the hypnotherapy sessions very relaxing and easy."

Common smoking-related illnesses

Smoking increases the risk of developing many illnesses, such as:

  • cancer e.g. lung, mouth and throat
  • heart disease
  • gum disease
  • infertility
stop smoking hypnosis

The effect of cigarette toxins

When you light up a cigarette, you’re not just inhaling smoke.

There’s a cocktail of 1000s of chemicals you’re taking in too.
Let’s look at the common chemicals in cigarettes and the impact they have on your body:

Nicotine: the chemical that is addictive and increases your heart rate and blood pressure.

Tar: a sticky residue that can coat your lungs. Over time, you might find it harder to breathe, and it’s linked to lung diseases and cancer.

Carbon Monoxide: the same chemical that comes out of car exhausts. This gas replaces oxygen in your blood, which means your heart and muscles don’t get the oxygen they need to work efficiently.

Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Polonium-210: These are just a few of the carcinogens in cigarettes. They can damage your DNA and could lead to cancer.

Quit smoking with hypnosis - Client testimonial: "I now have no inclination to smoke. I went from 10 a day to none within leaving the therapy room. I do not miss smoking or crave cigarettes at all."

Heavy Metals: Such as lead and arsenic. Not exactly things you want in your body. They can damage your organs and systems.

Hydrogen Cyanide: This stops your cilia (tiny hair-like structures in your lungs) from working properly. These cilia help keep your airways clean, so when they’re out of order, you’re more prone to infections.

So, every time you smoke, you’re subjecting your body to these chemicals.
They can affect everything from your lungs to your heart, and even your DNA.
It’s like throwing a wrench into a well-oiled machine; over time, things just won’t work as well.

The good news is once you decide to quit, your body naturally starts to clear out all these toxins through a process called detoxification.
It’s very important because it helps you breathe better, taste food more vividly, and just generally feel healthier.

If you would like any support speeding up the detoxification process, I highly recommend you talk to Paula at Simply Health Clinic UK who will be able to advise you further.

stop smoking hypnosis

Benefits of quitting smoking

The benefits of giving up smoking are clear. Giving up smoking will help you have:

  • more spare cash
  • better looking skin
  • whiter teeth
  • more energy
  • better breathing
  • better sex life

Even with the clear financial and health benefits, quitting smoking can be a real challenge for many people, and requires much more than just willpower.
For many people, hypnotherapy is a game-changer.

Quit smoking with hypnosis - Client testimonial:  "I haven’t had a cigarette for over 7 weeks and am so proud of that. It’s definitely improved my life, I don’t smell, I have more money, I’m more present in the moment and I don’t have that constant guilt."

How you can quit smoking with hypnosis

It is important to understand why you smoke. Do you find yourself smoking when you are anxious? Hypnotherapy is a great therapy for dealing with anxiety. Many people find that they gain weight when they try to stop smoking. Again hypnotherapy is highly effective in helping people lose weight.

It is also important to understand why you want to stop smoking. Do you want to quit smoking for yourself or are you trying to give up because of pressure from others? If you are not fully committed and ready to give up smoking then it will always be an uphill struggle. If you are doing it for yourself, then there is more chance of success.

Quit smoking with hypnosis at Goldcrest Hypnotherapy - Stop smoking hypnotherapy packages from £249 for 4 hours therapy

Hypnotherapy breaks the negative behaviours and thought patterns behind your smoking habit. If you do not deal with these negative thought patterns, then you are not dealing with the underlying causes of your smoking habit. Breaking an addiction is not easy, especially if you have been a smoker for a long time. But help is at hand.

Hypnotherapy helps you establish different routines and changes your perception of cigarettes. It allows you to enter a deep state of relaxation, where your unconscious mind is more receptive to new ways of thinking and open to change.

That is why you can successfully quit smoking with hypnosis.
So if you want to quit smoking with hypnosis, reduce your risk of developing serious smoking-related diseases, and improve your general health, please get in touch to book your free consultation to find out how you can quit smoking with hypnosis.

stop smoking hypnosis

Please note: Individual results can vary. There is no guarantee that hypnotherapy will be effective in every case. For hypnotherapy to be successful you need to be open to change and fully committed.

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