Red Pike Wild Camp – Heavy Rain & 40+ mph wind – Lake District – Video

It was early summer in 2022 when I set off from Buttermere in the Lake District, England, to collect three more Wainwright’s: Great Borne, Starling Dodd and Red Pike and enjoy a Red Pike Wild Camp.

I have now collected 33 of the 214 Wainwrights. It was about 7 miles from the start in Buttermere to the summit of Red Pike.

Red Pike Wild Camp Video

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Photos from the Red Pike Wild Camp

After leaving Buttermere I walked alongside the beautiful Crummock Water.

On my way to Great Borne, I pass a wonderful waterfall called Scale Force. All the waterfalls in the Lake District are called ‘force’ for some reason. I must find out why!

After reaching Great Borne the dark clouds drifted in and I thought I have better get a move on and get to Red Pike quick otherwise I was going to get wet!

To get to Red Pike I passed Starling Dodd.

As soon as I set up camp at Red Pike the weather deteriorated and it started raining and didn’t stop all night. During the night the wind increased to 35mph, gusting up to 45mph.

There were moments when the wind and rain became a bit scary. I did have moments when I thought ‘will my tent make it through the night?’.

Especially when my tent started leaking in the rain. All my gear was gradually getting wet and I wondered if I would make it through the night or would I have to pack up in the middle of the night.

How would I get off this mountain in this rain and strong winds. But as my mind raced I kept telling myself everything would be alright. I really didn’t get much sleep that night. Probably only one hour at the most. I kept trying to stay positive telling myself the tent wouldn’t blow away and I would make it to the morning ok.

And guess what? I made it. The tent survived and my kit was a bit wet but it’s only water and it will dry out. There is a lesson in there somewhere. These are the moments that test me and I’m stronger for it. Next time I’m on the top of the mountain and the wind is battering my tent I will remember how I got through this night and gain confidence that I will be ok.

I was using the MLD Duomid for the first time and unfortunately, my seam sealing skills are not the greatest and the tent leaked and made all my kit wet.

I had planned to camp a second night at Innominate Tarn but I had to settle with one night.

That is the joys of wild camping in the mountains!! You never know what the weather is going to be like and you need to be prepared for everything.

A great adventure that really tested my kit and was a real learning experience.

On the way back to the car I passed the most beautiful Buttermere lake.

As soon as I got home I dried my tent and re-seam sealed it ready for the next adventure in the mountains.

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