How to stop emotional eating and lose weight

stop emotional eating with hypnosis

Our relationship with food is ruled to a large extent by our thoughts about food.
And many of our thoughts about food are driven by our emotional feelings.
So it is no surprise that negative emotional feelings cause overeating.
Therefore if you want to stop emotional eating you need to change your thoughts about food.

How often have you said to yourself “I deserve this bar of chocolate” or “I have earned this piece of cake”?
And did you also believe that you would feel better after eating it because you were rewarding yourself?
But did it really make you feel better, deep down, for as long as you hoped?

Or was the feeling short-lived and a bit of an anti-climax?
Did you suffer feelings of guilt because deep down you knew you shouldn’t have eaten it?

You see the reality is, a diet doesn’t change your feelings towards food.
Diets just suppress your feelings for a short period of time.
And as soon as you stop that diet those feelings return.

Feelings always win because emotions are more powerful than logic.
That is why it doesn’t matter how many times you try to reason with yourself.
Your feelings will always win the battle.

So it makes sense to change your feelings if you want to stop emotional eating.

Stop Emotional Eating With Hypnosis

It is truly amazing that with hypnosis you can stop emotional eating and end your interest in a particular food.
You can become indifferent and uninterested in the foods that cause you to gain weight.
In this way, you will build a normal healthy relationship with food that is good for you.

There will be no need to resist the cravings to eat unhealthy food because the cravings will no longer be there.

You will create power over the food you want and think about.

But human behaviour is not random.
You are programmed to act in a certain way.

stop emotional eating

Reprogram your attitude towards food with hypnosis

When I say ‘reprogramme’, actually the programme is already there inside your mind dormant.
It was the programme you were born with.

You will re-discover the programme and be able to leave food, say “no” to food and stop eating as soon as you are full.

You will remember the feelings of excitement that will liberate you.

When you were a baby you loved to eat, however, you only ate when you were hungry.
And when you were tired, unwell or upset you didn’t eat.
When you were a child you probably never finished all your meals.
When you were young you did all of this.

Your conscious mind may not remember but your unconscious mind does.
When you were born with normal eating habits.

You didn’t crave sugary snacks, alcohol, junk food, chocolate or crisps.

And you might have developed a negative habit by being made to finish all the food on your plate or perhaps you were rewarded when you ate all your food.

You became conditioned to link comfort, love and feeling good with food.
You might even feel guilty if you leave food on your plate.
All of these feelings are very powerful and will win the battle with logic and reason every time.

But all of this can be reprogrammed with hypnosis.

Your unconscious mind knows how to eat normally.
And you can reactivate these programmes in your unconscious mind.

There is no need to learn anything new.
All you need to do is re-discover and relearn the habits that already exist in your unconscious mind.

Once you have reactivated these programmes you can keep them running forever.

Start with your beliefs

When you question a belief you naturally start to doubt it and shake its foundation.

Many types of beliefs are linked to overeating.
Some of the most common beliefs associated with overeating are:

  • I cannot lose weight
  • diets don’t work
  • I have a slow metabolism
  • I’ve tried every diet and nothing works.
  • everyone in my family is overweight
  • I am big-boned.

More often than not these beliefs are false.
When you repeat these false beliefs you perpetuate the problem.

Even if the belief is true, you can change what you believe and then change your weight.

Our beliefs affect how our bodies work.
Every thought you have creates a physiological change in your body.
Your thoughts can affect your blood pressure, heart rate and even weight.

So, I wonder what will be the first belief about food you start to question?

Like to try hypnosis to stop emotional eating?

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