Stop Smoking Hypnosis Reviews

stop smoking hypnosis reviews

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Reviews

It is always lovely to receive stop smoking hypnosis reviews like this:

I booked hypnotherapy sessions to stop smoking and since then I no longer have any inclination to smoke.

I went from nearly 10 cigarettes a day to none within leaving the therapy room and have had no withdrawal symptoms or felt any need to smoke whatsoever.

I do not miss smoking or crave cigarettes at all.

I found the hypnotherapy sessions very comfortable and relaxing.

Lee put me at ease instantly and made it very easy to immerse myself in the therapy.

The only slight negative point was that I could hear someone come running down the stairs in the rooms above.

However, that did not negate the success of the therapy.

AM. BR3 – Smoking Cessation

If you would like to stop smoking, please get in touch to book your free consultation:

For more information, you can read my blog article on how hypnosis can help you stop smoking or the article on WedMD stop smoking hypnosis website

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