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Below is a selection of genuine hypnotherapy testimonials.
They have been anonymised to respect the client's privacy.

I had hypnotherapy for fear of flying. I enjoyed the whole experience, but I think the part I enjoyed most was the depth of relaxation Lee was able to take me to, to be able to change the connection with the fear emotion. I’ve been on a flight and was able to do so without the need for any pills from the doctor, which is life-changing for me as I was able to drive when we landed. The experience worked amazingly for me just the way it was. Thank youLU. BR4
I had anxiety for needing a toilet when I was out in public or in unfamiliar surroundings. I was constantly thinking about needing the toilet before I left the house and often couldn’t change the thoughts and anxiety in my mind once I was out of the house. Hypnotherapy helped me change the chain of thought in my mind. I now never think about needing a toilet before I even leave the house, let alone out in public. It’s totally changed my life from the fear and anxiety I was suffering from.MA. SE6
I really struggled with anxiety for a number of years, and recently I had to go away with work and knew that I couldn’t let my anxiety get in my way anymore. So I was recommended lee, over several weeks we did zoom calls and he really helped me relax my mind. I then did my weeks stay, and didn’t get a single bit of anxiety, I was absolutely astonished at the outcome and couldn’t believe this giant leap lee has allowed me to take in my life in such a short space of time. I couldn’t recommend him enough!FG. BH2
I had hypnotherapy for panic attacks/anxiety. What I enjoyed most about the hypnotherapy was the unknown. 🙂 When I went under my mind went to another place and the depth of it, of just how deep I could go every time I had hypno, I went to a world and saw things and felt things and even remembered things from my childhood that I had completely forgotten. With hypno anything is expected and that's what I loved. Since having hypnotherapy I have a sense of freedom. Lee has unlocked a door for me that has given me peace which has helped me a lot. I only wish it could have been face to face, the pandemic shut down the world for us unfortunately so my hypnotherapy was done through Zoom.HI. SE4
My 17 year old son had been struggling with sleep and separation anxiety for many years. This limited him enjoying many of the things that kids growing up get to do. He had an opportunity to regularly stay away for a week at a time with work and he knew without help he would need to miss out. Following a number of sessions with Lee, he has overcome his fears and has just returned home from his first week away. We cannot thank Lee enough for his help, patience and expertise in helping our son change what was such a major stumbling block in his life.AG. BH2
I had hypnotherapy sessions because I felt I lost myself due to grief. I had no enthusiasm or happiness. The hypnotherapy made me realise that life just happens and things go on. And that I too have to go on and grow and go with life and be free to live it like everything else. Hypnotherapy helped me realise that I have gained strength from my troubled life and that I went through all of it and survived. I realised how strong I am to go through it.HAI. SE4
I had hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety and depression. I enjoyed the serenity I experienced in the hypnotherapy sessions which has helped me look at life differently now. There is nothing that could have made the experience better. JW. BR2

I had hypnotherapy because I was suffering from insomnia. I really enjoyed the deep state of relaxation it put me in during and after the session and the lasting effects at bedtime. It helped reduce my rapid breathing, increased heart rate and anxious feelings I had at night. I liked having the audio recordings so I could practice outside the sessions. Since having hypnotherapy I am sleeping normally, most of my anxious thoughts about sleeping have disappeared or reduced in severity. I had healthy expectations of hypnotherapy, was open to it working but didn't expect it to. I found it very easy to find a hypnotic state with Lee's guidance.EJ, BR3
I would like to thank Lee for his time and experience with helping me through a difficult time coping with IBS/anxiety. He gave me a lot of tips and ways to overcome situations when they get too stressful which I will continue to use in the future.HS. BR4
Lee was a phenomenal help for me with coping with my anxiety. Stress at work had exasperated my already on-going anxiety which then started affecting my personal life. What struck me most was that there was no judgement from Lee. He listened and empathised with me and my issues and taught me the tools to cope better in my work and personal life. One of the best investments in me I made.PD: CV6
I started with a consultation over the phone with Lee that gave me the opportunity to clarify what I wanted to work on and allay my worries about hypnosis. We worked on focusing letting go of the catastrophic thinking and I found the experience was like deep diving into myself and it felt like a great weight had been lifted from me. I didn't get the 'dark thoughts' at all and it feels like I have connected to something fundamental. Although I do still get a little anxious and stressed here and there, it feels more like allowing the stress flow through me and back out the other side, leaving me energised rather than having to push it out of me, leaving me exhausted.PB. SE26
I sought out Hypnotherapy after decades of experience with anxiety. I tried counseling and medication over the years. While this had some effects in reducing the anxieties, it could not support my need for confidence and being able to do things that come with a certain level of confidence. Lee gave me the very desired confidence. I was able to start seeing the changes within days of the work Lee did with me. I had two more sessions and I am finding a great reduction in my anxiety and doing things that I would normally get myself worked up over and then avoiding it. I'm grateful to Lee for the great work that helped me get the much desired confidence. Thanks Lee.BBP. CR2
Great experience. I discovered that hypnosis is a work of cooperation between the therapist and the patient. Lee was excellent in involving me, using my perception of things, and the vision of my goals. The sessions were very targeted and effective. I'd definitely recommend.DC. BR2
I booked hypnotherapy sessions for slight anxiety & worry issues that had impacted my work/life balance. I really enjoy the honesty & ability to relax & let the meditation & hypnotherapy in. The hypnotherapy sessions have greatly improved my life. I am now feeling more confident in situations that prior, would have me worry before/during/after.MD, BR3

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