The Secret of Success

Your mind can play tricks on you. Have you ever woken from a dream and thought that your dream felt so real that it really happened? Sometimes it can be hard for you to separate reality from imagination. You can use this mind trick to unlock ‘the secret of success’.

Are you the type of person that believes that something has to happen first before you can be happy?

For example, do you say to yourself “if I get this new job, I will be happy” or “when I earn X amount of money, I will be happy”?

What is the secret of success?

The secret of success is based on the principle that you do not need something to happen first for you to be happy. It just isn’t true that something must happen before you can be happy. You can be happy right now. Happiness is a choice.

the secret of success

You do not need to place a prerequisite on your happiness. Nothing has to happen before you can be happy.

The truth is you create all your experiences within you regardless of what is happening in your outside world.

Take giving a presentation to a group of people as an example. Two different people could approach speaking in public completely differently.

One person might have anxiety or a fear or phobia of speaking in front of people, whilst the other person might be excited about speaking in public. They are both creating their own individual internal experience. The outside world is the same for both people. There is nothing in the outside world that causes their internal experience. They cause their own internal experience.

All your experiences are created internally by your mind. The outside world is completely irrelevant in the process.

How to unlock the secret of success

So if you want to unlock the secret of success you need to start feeling happy and successful now. You don’t need to wait for something to happen first to be happy and successful.

Get into the habit of feeling successful as often as you can. You can do this with self-hypnosis, meditation or mindfulness.

Give yourself permission to feel happy and successful.

The more often you feel successful and happy, the more likely you are to create the success you want.

The Secret of Success is:

feel successful first, create success second.

Unfortunately, most people think it is the other way round. That’s why it is a secret.

Look at how successful people behave. They feel successful before they create their success. Their success was not an accident. Sure they had a plan for success, but the driving force behind the plan was feeling successful in the first place.

You must be able to control how you feel regardless of what is happening in the world around you.

In the pursuit of success and happiness, there will be times when you stumble. It is at those times when the thought of giving up is likely to happen. So make sure you’re passionate about what you’re trying to be successful at. Otherwise, you’re likely to quit which will reinforce any negative thoughts you have that you’re not capable of achieving success and happiness.

To make sure you’re pursuing what you’re passionate about, ask yourself ‘what excites me in life?’.

Be specific about finding what excites you. The more specific you are the better. The more specific you are the more you will feel the outcome of success before it happens.

Daydream your way to success

Now you know specifically what excites you, try daydreaming about what success would feel like if you created it.

You’ve probably heard people ‘don’t be a daydreamer, you need to take action’. This is complete nonsense. It is essential to daydream or imagine what your success looks like and feels like. Once you have daydreamed what success feels like, then it is time to take action.

You must daydream about what success means to you. If you do this regularly you will become excited about making your dream, and ultimately your success, a reality.

Live that experience through the power of daydreaming right now. Remember, don’t wait for something to happen to start daydreaming.

If you would like any help discovering, perfecting or making your success a reality, please get in touch for a free consultation. I won’t tell you your dream is crazy or it can’t be done. I will help you become a dream-maker.

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