Wild Camping Haystacks Video – Lake District

It was early March 2023, so it was still quite wintry conditions when I set off from Honister Slate mine for a wild camping Haystacks adventure.

After leaving the car park, I passed Bell Crags before forking right and passing the Hopper Quarry and Dubs Hut.

I continued for another mile or so before reaching Green Crag and Blackbeck Tarn.

About half a mile later I reached the famous innominate tarn, which was Alfred Wainwrights’ favourite.

I continued for another half a mile and finally reached Hay Stacks and set up camp using the MLD Duomid.

Temperatures got down to about freezing but there was little wind and it was dry so I was happy about that.

Overall a great one-night wild camp.

Wild Camping Haystacks Video

Haystacks: A Wainwright Classic in the English Lake District

Haystacks. The name itself evokes images of rugged beauty and quintessential Lakeland fells.

As one of Alfred Wainwright’s classic walks, Haystacks delivers on this promise in spades. Standing at a relatively modest 590 metres (1,936 ft), Haystacks offers you stunning views and a challenging yet rewarding hike.

Haystacks is situated in the heart of the Buttermere Valley, a glacial valley ringed by dramatic fells.

There are a number of hiking routes, including circular ones from Garths Gap or the village of Buttermere. The ascent begins gently, following a well-defined path through fields and alongside gurgling beck’s. As you gain height, the views towards Buttermere Lake and the surrounding mountains unfold dramatically.

The climb steepens as you approach Haystacks Hause, a mountain pass offering panoramic vistas across Cumbria. From here, the path leads up the fell’s ridgeline, with Haystacks summit coming into sight. The final ascent is a rocky scramble, requiring a bit of surefootedness. But the effort is rewarded with breathtaking 360-degree views encompassing the Lake District’s most iconic peaks, including Scafell Pike, Helvellyn, and Grasmoor.

Haystacks is a popular hike, and for good reason. The combination of manageable distance, stunning scenery, and a sense of accomplishment makes it a perfect choice for walkers of moderate experience. However, it’s important to be prepared for changeable weather conditions and come equipped with proper hiking gear and clothing.

So, if you’re looking for a classic Lakeland hike with stunning views and a touch of challenge, then Haystacks should be at the top of your list. Just be sure to check the weather forecast before you set off and enjoy the beauty of this iconic Wainwright fell.

Nature & Mental Health

As a hypnotherapist, I know how important being in nature is. Hiking and wild camping gives me an opportunity to disconnect from my busy life and reconnect with what is important – inner peace.

Sitting on a mountain, listening to nothing more than the sound of the wind and the birds (and occasional sheep!) is good for the soul.

The Lake District Wild Camping video is part of the Wainwright Challenge to hike all 214 of the Wainwrights in the Lake District, England

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