Wild Camping Langdale Video – Lake District

It was March 2024, when I set off from the village of Grasmere in the heart of the English Lake District for a wild camping Langdale adventure to raise money for the Royal British Legion as part of the Great Tommy Sleep Out to raise funds for the 6000 veterans who sleep rough in the UK.

After leaving the car park, I ascended into the mountains and passed Lang How before reaching Blea Rigg, Sergeant Man and finally High Raise where I pitched my tent for the first night.

The weather was constant rain in the evening and there wasn’t a sunset but the following morning I was rewarded with a glorious sunrise.

I also witnessed one of the most spectacular cloud inversions I have ever seen.

Temperatures overnight got down to about -3 degrees Celsius which meant there was a nice layer of frost on the tent.

Day two started off with a 6 mile hike to collect Tarn Crag, then Calf Crag, and Gibson Knott before arriving Calf Crag or otherwise known as the Lion and the Lamb where I pitched my tent for night two.

Again the weather was terrible and it mostly rained from about 2pm until the next morning so I didn’t see a sunset or sunrise at all.

Wild Camping Langdale Video

If you would like to watch the video of my wild camping Langdale adventure, please click on the video below.

Langdales, Grasmere & Wordsworth: A Tale of Lakes, Sheep, and Poetry

The Lake District conjures up images of glistening lakes, dramatic mountains, and maybe even a certain romantic poet in a worn-out wool coat. The Langdales were first settled in the Bronze Age, with the Romans even building a road through the valley.

Fast forward a thousand years, and the Vikings leave their mark on local place names – a reminder of their presence. Farming became a mainstay, with the Langdales becoming a haven for the hardy Herdwick sheep, whose fleeces are still prized today.

Interestingly, the Langdales wasn’t always a tourist hotspot.

Unlike its neighbours, it wasn’t initially a big draw.

Rock climbing, however, put Langdale on the map. Adventurous souls flocked to tackle the challenging crags, often with local guides showing them the ropes (literally!).

Here’s where our famous poet enters the scene. William Wordsworth, a revolutionary figure in the world of verse, wasn’t just a fan of the Lake District’s beauty – he actively championed it.

He wrote about the Langdales’ hidden gem, Blea Tarn, and even called it a “must-visit” valley.

Grasmere, a picture-perfect village nestled beside a lake of the same name, became Wordsworth’s home for a period. He settled into Dove Cottage with his sister Dorothy, and it’s here that some of his most famous poems were penned.

Dorothy even kept a detailed journal, offering a fascinating glimpse into their lives.

Grasmere today thrives on its literary connection.

Dove Cottage is now a National Trust property, where you can step back in time and imagine Wordsworth composing his masterpieces by a crackling fire.

The village itself is a delight, with quaint shops, traditional pubs, and that famous Grasmere gingerbread – a must-try for any visitor.

So, the next time you dream of escaping to the English countryside, consider the Langdales and Grasmere.

Hike through breathtaking scenery, and explore Wordsworth’s stomping grounds. The Lake District offers a unique blend of history, nature, and literary heritage, waiting to be discovered.

The Importance of Nature & Mental Health

As a hypnotherapist, I know how important being in nature is. Hiking and wild camping gives me an opportunity to disconnect from my busy life and reconnect with what is important – inner peace.

Sitting on a mountain, listening to nothing more than the sound of the wind and the birds (and occasional sheep!) is good for the soul.

This Lake District Wild Camping video is part of the Wainwright Challenge to hike all 214 of the Wainwrights in the Lake District, England.

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Rolling mountains stretch out before you, that are painted in a palette of greens, blues, and purples.

Breathe in the fresh mountain air, feeling a sense of peace and tranquillity wash over you.

Allow yourself to imagine reaching a serene mountain lake. The crystal-clear water reflects the clear blue sky above. Sit down on a smooth, moss-covered rock beside the lake and let your worries drift away like leaves on a gentle breeze.

Dip your feet into the cool water, feeling its refreshing touch invigorate your body. Listen to the calming sound of lapping water and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Close your eyes and savour this moment of pure relaxation.

As you slowly begin your descent, carry this sense of peace and tranquillity with you.

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